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Brevity and Influence

A few weeks ago someone posted a smart banner that sparked the creation of a Social Network group. The idea caught fire immediately and within a month around 500 sudden members had all kind of memories to share, as well … Continue reading

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Inadequate Messages

By now you should have heard or read about the Netherland’s riots created by a Facebook invite to a party. (If not, Google it or see: The sixteen year old either didn’t know how to create a private event … Continue reading

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Die or Kill your Children

Let’s start with a question: what is better, to die suddenly or slowly? For example, would you prefer to die in a car crash or by a bullet; or you would prefer dying of hunger or a nasty infection? For … Continue reading

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Quality goes to Vote

So much has been said, written and studied about voting and democracy that perhaps the following has also been discussed, but before you stop reading, did you know that your vote is a fallacy? Look, most advanced countries claim to … Continue reading

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