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What do we do, General?

“General?” My young major asks again. I’m still silent, the officers look at me as if I’m absent from the room. I realize I cannot provide a quick answer, the exhausted group of captains and majors also look at each … Continue reading

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Falling in the Snow

It was a late snow storm that covered the city for three days. Having forced most of us to stay in for most of such time. I really longed for some physical activity, aside from shoveling the driveway, of course. … Continue reading

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Die or Kill your Children

Let’s start with a question: what is better, to die suddenly or slowly? For example, would you prefer to die in a car crash or by a bullet; or you would prefer dying of hunger or a nasty infection? For … Continue reading

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Numb, lost, entranced, controlled: so I found one of my friends a few days ago. It was shocking to see her declare defeat to life as opposed to the way she could have had it. It was a strange scene … Continue reading

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The Fight is not on Facebook

The day is fast approaching. Yes, you and I keep reading the tweets and posts and all those messages, images, and ideas. But the fight is not here where the screen stares at you: all of us in your circles … Continue reading

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