Brevity and Influence

A few weeks ago someone posted a smart banner that sparked the creation of a Social Network group. The idea caught fire immediately and within a month around 500 sudden members had all kind of memories to share, as well as many renewed ties to friends long lost even decades ago.

It was shocking to remember so many things in such a short period of time. Some of us were in disbelief and many times in tears, knowing the latest whereabouts of those relationships; while also reconnecting with lots people that influenced our lives. Chat sessions detonated, email messages flew, phone calls increased, and reunions were planned and created, some are still being agreed upon and pending.

For days, the news went fast and furious about practically everything that happened at the time we parted ways and so did summaries of what happened after. Also, lots of data on how to reconnect was exchanged.

Of course the group is still alive and well, just that the initial days were an incredible experience.

After some weeks when finally sobering up, one can’t help but wonder about how all those relationships shaped the type of person we are today. Some with small snippets, others with big nuggets, in one way or another all those helped us be who we are now.

Obviously, not everybody had nice memories only about those years; or because of that, good feelings toward a specific person of group of individuals. However, those that were hurt by someone else’s actions showed a disposition to forgive. The ones that probably inadvertently hurt someone are now the ones that feel bad about it. It is an absolute truth that what goes around comes around.

Throughout time, we’ve been able to appreciate that all in all, good and bad experiences of yore have added up to make us be today.

We realize that easily because we’ve always been with, well, ourselves. So it’s easy to remember and make conclusions on how such an action that took place in a particular time in our life influenced and still influences us.

Now geography, this is the space factor, seems to be a different and more difficult subject to understand when it comes to finding the interconnection between us human beings, and the ways we shape each other even when we are thousands of kilometers apart.

Six degrees of separation, remember? We are all connected: Yo-Yo Ma, me, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mario Vargas Llosa, Usain Bolt, your cousin, Hilary Clinton, the Sherpa people in Nepal, Steven Spielberg, Kim Jong-un, Lady Gaga, you, the guy begging for money at the train station… absolutely every one of us is interconnected, and each of our actions affects the rest of all living creatures in this blue marble.


Through Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick said that no machine contains extra parts. If the universe is a contraption, we all individual parts of the whole must have a purpose. It is our duty to do the best we can every time. Our actions shape everybody else’s lives. Here and now.

Hurt somebody, you hurt yourself. Help somebody, you help yourself.

In the big scheme of things each individual life is just an instant, just a micro component of the physical aspect of our universe. So, your life matters to you and those around you, but we all are finally beginning to understand that it concerns to everybody else.
Your life –a brevity- is imperative because you influence everybody else around you, here and now.

It is your decision, and yours only, the type of actions you exact on everybody else.

What type of impact will have your contribution?


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