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Of Competitions

Whether is chess, gymnastics, or running. Whichever the fields we compete are the constant is that there will always be a winner. And we strive to be that winner. We seek to improve ourselves while and through training, practice for … Continue reading

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I’m with You

But shouldn’t, should I? Why is it that people take sides with those that they met first or whom they that have something in common –like same gender or similar career- or in whom they have an interest in? The … Continue reading

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The Referee

While attending webinars and similar events about Social Media and the way we all take advantage of latest technologies, I noticed there is something that stands out again and again: what we post and mainly the way we post it … Continue reading

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Dear I

Dear I, If you are beyond fifty when reading these lines, you have demonstrated to possess a willpower superior to that of the majority. If that is not the case I would feel very disappointed, and would kindly ask that … Continue reading

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Your Money or your Life

Time assaulted me. It asked me just that, and then the obvious and immediate answer was provided at that very instant. I realized that at that very instant my life is at its one hundred percent. If I don’t exist … Continue reading

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Confession, fourth and last part

(Continued from Confession, third part) I noticed some people, mainly those close to me either physically or virtually, have suspected what has been going on with me, mainly lately, because of my recent and new engagements and various activities. It … Continue reading

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Internet Privacy, last part

Internet Privacy, last part (for now, this is a recurrent subject) (Continued form Internet Privacy, second part) These articles are compressed, a good discussion of these issues and subjects would need at least ten times more space to be better … Continue reading

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