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Better to say “no”

It is one thousand times better to say “no” once, than to say “yes” and never deliver.

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If a fortune teller five years ago had foretold the following I would be rolling on the floor laughing: “Within one month, you’ll see your daughter win a silver and a bronze medals at the provincial championships. Two days later … Continue reading

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The Fight is not on Facebook

The day is fast approaching. Yes, you and I keep reading the tweets and posts and all those messages, images, and ideas. But the fight is not here where the screen stares at you: all of us in your circles … Continue reading

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Letting go

Why am I doing this? I asked myself a few times for the last couple of weeks. One day during last week I went to the post office to send a package to a faraway place. The package preparation took … Continue reading

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Opening up

I know people that get upset when an adult scolds their children. It doesn’t matter whether the reprimanding person is right or wrong, they just take it as an attack. By the way, more than 90% of the times the … Continue reading

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