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A Quickie, Someone, Anybody?

I’m serious: we seem to be immersed in a busier and busier life that we don’t seem to have at least a few minutes for social pleasure. This is due not only because of the societally imposed tasks, such as … Continue reading

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Global Warming Woes

Stating to forget the watching of the news about Typhon Hayan, the US Midwest tornadoes, the finally over hurricane season 2013, and even going back in memory as far as Katrina’s images and all, we feel some kind of an … Continue reading

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Change is Imminent

As of late I’ve heard and read in different media, about how bad the situation is: the country, government, society, education, economy, etc. etc. We complain and criticize everything, condemn acts and words, threaten here and there, denounce towards whom … Continue reading

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Famous Last Tweets

A few years ago, when Twitter was new, I asked a few existing adopters to give me a compelling reason why I should start using the service. At that time I did not find it useful for business purposes, the … Continue reading

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