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Numb, lost, entranced, controlled: so I found one of my friends a few days ago. It was shocking to see her declare defeat to life as opposed to the way she could have had it. It was a strange scene … Continue reading

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Of Reading and Power

Last week the subject of reading popped up while I was having breakfast. I then asked my 11 year old how many books she had read. She took a few seconds to remember and calculate the number of books in … Continue reading

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Are You a Sentimental?

What I mean is: how many emotions you cannot easily contain and those take over you when responding to a post, or when you are out of the blue publishing something? Why do I ask you this if the article … Continue reading

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Catching Up

A few miscellaneous things, similar to a PowerPoint presentation: First I named this post “Trying to catch up” then I realized there is no try. So I want to state that I’m simply catching up. I find myself typing these … Continue reading

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