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A new sensation

A few days ago I spoke to a very good friend of mine, a really good human being that made me think lots about what I’m going to describe here. Although we spoke about many things, by mere chance I … Continue reading

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One long year gone…

It’s been a year since the last time I posted anything here. There are many reason why I’ve been silent for so long, and I’ll describe my thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs, dreams, and feelings in a subsequent post. For now, … Continue reading

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Are You a Sentimental?

What I mean is: how many emotions you cannot easily contain and those take over you when responding to a post, or when you are out of the blue publishing something? Why do I ask you this if the article … Continue reading

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How it happened, how it happens

When I was a kid I never thought about creating a directory of contacts at primary school; I think nobody did, not even on secondary school or even high school: I don’t recall anybody asking for my personal information. Our … Continue reading

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