Your Money or your Life

Time assaulted me. It asked me just that, and then the obvious and immediate answer was provided at that very instant.

I realized that at that very instant my life is at its one hundred percent. If I don’t exist tomorrow, the ones behind me will balance what I had and what I did not, what I did and what I did not, what I was and what I was not.

In the what I had department, there are no real parameters to indicate which level and socio-economic status I was located at. If in my country of origin never went beyond upper middle class, if in the adoptive country I lived always on the lower class and possible for a few years as middle class. However, when compared with the majority of the countries in the world, definitely as extremely high upper class.

I want to make a point mentioning these economic qualifiers because unfortunately, I have lived in places in which a high percentage of the population is influenced by material things and the need to possess them: the bigger house, the luxury car, the fashionable tablet or laptop, the brand name purse, etc. etc.

Of all these things, I never had anything close to such extremes, although somehow I feel that if I wanted, and had really focused on acquiring all that, very likely I would have gotten them.

What I was and what I was not in a way is linked to my genes, origins, acquired education, culture, environment and everything that affected my growth. Of all that I cannot change much, so what I was and what up to this one hundred percent of my life I am, will make me be remembered with that very essence. Simply and flat out, my personality is a product of all that.

What I did and what I did not I would much prefer to replace with what was attained and what was not. In my case, much of what I accomplished is inversely proportional to what I did not have in material items. Here’s my explanation:

The Lamborghini is worth nothing if I don’t have anybody to take to school, or the luxurious laptop if I don’t have anybody to see on its screen while we talk, or the mansion in the mountain if I live in the hospital.

If I had some or much of that, it is probable that I did not count on my current health, you wouldn’t have met me, I had never ran a marathon, or written a book, or study a masters, or had the kids I have; and so on with all those achievements we exchange for the things we believe we want to possess.

When time assaulted me, I knew immediately that whatever little or much I’ve achieved in this one hundred percent of my life, is worth way much more than all the material things the number one millionaire in the world had had and still has.

So, now that I’ve checked off yet one more item on my bucket list, and more than ever, I’m not interested in having for the sake of having. To be by just being is already defined. All that is left is preferable: achieve for the sake of achieving.


Your Money or your Life?

Do you want more or choose to achieve more?

What’s your legacy for the ones behind you?


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