Dear I

Dear I,

If you are beyond fifty when reading these lines, you have demonstrated to possess a willpower superior to that of the majority.

If that is not the case I would feel very disappointed, and would kindly ask that you cease reading at once.


I should confess that somehow I’m happy you have gone beyond fifty. I heartfelt hope your health is good and your life has been a pleasant one. I desire you have a lot of life ahead of you, if you so wish.

It’s good to know that you were capable of keeping this letter and the envelope that contained it. For sure the letters on each face still indicate perfectly: “Do not open but until after fifty.” For I wrote and rewrote them until the paper was almost perforated, and when sealing the envelope I put adhesive tape on them, on the flap, and around the edges so that it lasted all that time.

Very well now: the main reason for this is to corroborate if in fact you fulfilled the commitment I made more than thirty five years ago. The bucket list is attached on the third page, just in case you forgot it.

I hope each and every one of the items has been checked off. If not, at least a very high percentage of those. It would be nice if you could pause reading here to recheck such list, and then return to the next paragraph once double-checked in its entirety.


I remind you that when I wrote this letter I was very concerned when listening to adult people say all those things about when one grows life gets more complicated, time is never enough and health, physical and mental, deteriorates. I was very worried that because of those factors the bucket list was something close to impossible for someone who is growing, and possibly forgetting the agreement; or simply changing attitude, or worse: personality.

Being thirteen such a young age, I ignore how difficult it could be to achieve some of the listed items, I’m sure the majority are done, if it wasn’t so and if you still have much of my character, you simply wouldn’t have open the envelope.

So I suppose I have to congratulate me for all those things:

First, for reaching an age that at that time seemed like an eternity.

Second, for keeping the envelope and the letter. It seemed so improbable!

And third, for achieving everything surely I have accomplished.

I hope nothing from such aforementioned list had escaped my mind. It is for sure that –knowing myself- it is completed or there are less than three remaining things. I hope those are easy or don’t take much time in completing.

With the utmost admiration and respect,



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