Famous Last Tweets

A few years ago, when Twitter was new, I asked a few existing adopters to give me a compelling reason why I should start using the service. At that time I did not find it useful for business purposes, the limited number of words allowed did not seem right either. Although I understood the technology logic and its limitation since then, it still struck me as something similar to a simplistic entertainment-only tool.

Neither of such Twitter early adopter acquaintances could provide a convincing reason for me to join.

Nevertheless, I fell in.  I needed to know how it worked due to my biz field. My first impression was that Twitter would be a replacement for TXT messaging, because anybody could use Twitter on a Smartphone, a computer, or any other device connected to the Web.

Nowadays, Twitter is capable of showing pictures via links embedded in the text-only message. Which beats the purpose. If I wanted to see pictures, there are definitely better Social Networks for doing just that. I don’t know if they just wanted to make it more attractive for investors, due to starting an IPO 3 weeks ago. Nonetheless anyway, pix are not something that fits into a 140-characters-max origin, in any sense.

Also, seems to me like we become somebody else’s followers and they in return –and as a courtesy- follow us back. If they are not famous or public figures, that is.

Finding out that the days I open my Twitter account and page are no better to the days I do not open it, I have declared I am leaving such service. For good.

Here my Famous Last Tweets:

#FamousLastTweets 12. With a heavy heart I inform you I’m leaving Twitter. No longer enjoy myself the barrage of mostly nonsense content.

#FamousLastTweets 11. Long time ago I saw Twitter as a not very useful tool. In 5 years nothing has been able to convince me otherwise.

#FamousLastTweets 10. Despite being the less intrusive of the current Social Media networks, I have no need to know what they had for lunch.

#FamousLastTweets 9. Tired of the never-ending stream of “I just woke up,” ”long day at work,” and “good night” unnecessary senseless messages.

#FamousLastTweets 8. And believe me, if I wanted to know the news of the day I would open a News page, not Twitter.

#FamousLastTweets 7. Will surely miss Diana’s sharp mind and good orthography. I will respite from the unintentionally encrypted gibberish.

#FamousLastTweets 6. I will also miss, although not as much, the smart jokes on recent events, provided by –unfortunately- only a few.

#FamousLastTweets 5. Case in point: nobody is reading these Famous Last Tweets, and those who are don’t care about it.

#FamousLastTweets 4. Yeah, yeah, I know: we enjoyed some funny private messages, but we could have those any other way too.

#FamousLastTweets 3. And no. I don’t want to open those links to see any pictures. If I wanted to see images I would go somewhere else.

#FamousLastTweets 2. Well, next one is my stop. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your ride. See you around somewhere else.

#FamousLastTweets 1. Au revoir. Next target in the crosshair: Xing? Linked-In? Netlog?


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