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A new sensation

A few days ago I spoke to a very good friend of mine, a really good human being that made me think lots about what I’m going to describe here. Although we spoke about many things, by mere chance I … Continue reading

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Longing for some easy and relaxing time, wishing to get away from the daily routine, hoping to escape from the city and all its frustrating issues… And we find ourselves wishing we were at the beach, or in the woods, … Continue reading

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Message from the future

Two days ago I received a “! High Importance” email message from myself. There is nothing really strange about that, except that when I received it I postponed its reading thinking that one of the systems I work with had … Continue reading

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Say, What?

So, we are talking to some friends about regular topics when Franc interrupts yelling “Look! I found 10 cents!” Very likely some of us will simply dismiss the comment; some others might be waiting for the continuation of Franc’s joke, … Continue reading

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Let’s criticize each other

I received a nasty comment about something I posted some time ago. Which is fine with me: I don’t mind the way in which such feedback is presented, and simply take the substance from the content and reshape it to … Continue reading

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