A good trophy.

So, in order to catch the creature, I have to set a trap in a place that she feels safe about. That means to have it setup in a place far away from any settlement, road, building, and where not even planes or any flying vehicle goes above it.


I had read long time ago, that some specific specimens never go anywhere near human environments. So much so that it is until recently that some species have been discovered only through the use of powerful cameras and newest technologies. They avoid any and all contact with humans, and had been doing it effectively for centuries.


I thought about a simple snare first, but then decided if there was pain and blood loss, the subject would be shocked, tortured, exposed, exhausted, and therefore more easily be at ease. I chose a big, powerful, sharp steel-jaw, metallic trap that snaps shut quickly, and that can get a moose or even a grizzly, and keep the beast in place for days, even if she is strong and well fed.

The anchor mechanism goes deep in the ground with a contraption that once nailed down, expands and forms a series of Vs that keeps it in place, no matter how powerful the pull is. It’s necessary to use a heavy hammer to fix it, but once done, it stays put. The trigger spring is sensitive only to big or heavy bodies.

I tested the trap a few times, using different sticks and applying sufficient pressure to make sure it worked well. Most stick were broken in two in a split second. It was obvious an animal would really be trapped, with no possible way to escape.


It was a beautiful day, so I had a quick big breakfast and went there early. Once I left the road and headed toward the place I had preselected for the trap, I started walking carrying just water, a few granola bars, the trap, the mash hammer, and a compass, in order not to get lost. I was not sure my GPS unit would work in such a remote location. It took me five hours to get to the spot, through not-too rough terrain, but yet difficult nonetheless. I fixed the trap to the ground, and then marked some close-by trees around it, so that when returning there I could find the way easily. My plan was to leave the trap closed for a couple of weeks, in a way that the local fauna got used to it, and only then return then to set it up and have it ready to catch the beast.


And so it was.

Exactly three weeks later, the day turned out as beautiful or more than the day I went to set the trap up. I used the same road spot where I had started my walk, trying to remember the way, and at the very least not to deviate much from my previously taken path.

This time it took me six hours to get to the spot, but I found it and felt a lot of different emotions, some very difficult to express.


I found out that although the GPS in my smartphone is off by probably 500 meters or more, and the reception is spotty, I still can send and receive messages.


I waited there for a couple of hours, which seemed like an eternity: thoughts came and went fast, and yet somehow, I was not sure on whether to start walking back home or wait way more time and spend the night in there, or just wait some more while meditating about life and all.


Then I wrote this message, sent it, made sure that it showed as “sent,” turned the phone off, stood up, and proceeded to set the trap ready. There was no need for bait.

It’s very likely my phone is lying many meters away from where I am, because part of the plan was to throw it away, as far from me as my arm allowed.


I stepped on the trap.


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