A new sensation

A few days ago I spoke to a very good friend of mine, a really good human being that made me think lots about what I’m going to describe here.

Although we spoke about many things, by mere chance I mentioned this to her, who says that it is important for millions of people to know.

After long consideration I realized she’s right. So here it is.

Like the majority or people in the world, I was born in a developing country. My upbringing was difficult but successful: my family was blessed to have been poor, yes, but lived with no huge conflicts such as war or other horrible and constant threats. There was violence and other bad things, however, but we left those environments unscathed, and better yet, with enough experiences and education that made us be in better position than most of the other similar families.

Arguably, I was the most successful sibling in every sense: I learnt to work since I was a kid, and was able to study lots, and finished university, and then got a good job that made me develop in every possible sense. Thanks to that, I travelled lots, and met people in many different places.

That experience made me think about moving to a different country, and so I did. I moved to Canada, back in 1998.

The first week or two of my new life went by very quickly: looking for a definite place to live, learning the city and transportation system, adapting to the weather and people ways, and all that that is new to a newcomer took a very good chunk of my time.

As time went by, I started to realize I was feeling something I had never experienced in my life. It was a sensation that I could not identify, yet is was a positive feeling. Every day for at least three weeks I would try to decipher what that new feeling was, but was unsuccessful in my tries.

It took me probably more than a month to finally know what this new veil, aura, shield, or environment was. It suddenly hit me one day right at awakening: tranquility.

Never before I had felt safe, secure, rid of worries, calm, happy to know that I didn’t have to be preoccupied for my physical integrity or belongings. Yes, many of us know how that kind of vicious life is, but have no idea there’s another type.

Some of us, the minority of the world, just take that tranquility for granted, we will never experience real worry, real fear, real anxiety each and every day and night.

I don’t know whether publishing this will make anybody who lives in a violent place know that there are better ways, better places, better times and environments. It is very likely that all those millions will never experience that feeling. Ever.

Neither I know if those lucky enough to be in a peaceful place think about how good they have it, but in case they do, I hope they make an effort to acknowledge we as a species have a long way to go and lots of work to do.

If you are in that minority, please remember, constantly, that the world needs more tranquility.


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