The Media in Social

Do we realize the fact that what we call Social Media is, precisely, because the ‘Media’ in it is just that: an information board, a mean, a bulletin, a path, a poster, a way, a pointer?

Please: do not just stay here watching the display for hours on end. Allow yourself to let these electronic marvels make the social contact we all need as a species.

Yes, the video-clips are funny, the photos cute, the comments wise, and all that…

But the thing is, why not connect to those friends and family, and then invite them for a walk in the park? A nice cup of coffee? At least a long and nice telephone conversation?

Wouldn’t we regret later that we made the mistake of being in front of the screen more time than face to face, and real voice to voice?

Remember “Social Media is Destroying Society?” Indeed.

Open that chat session, or send them a brief message, and then suggest that you are available. They will appreciate it. There is no better quality time than that when closeness is ever-present.

By the way, once with them, have the inclination and courtesy of turning your smartphone off. The pleasure will be gladly magnified.


Use the Media, get the Social.

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