Spend your Money Wisely

I must sound like a broken record now. This post is a brief one.


At lunch time you enter a food shop and spend an entire hour’s earnings in just one product. What is it?

Would you prefer a big popcorn bag, or a fancy cookie, or an overpriced cup of coffee, to a sandwich, or a salad, or a soup bowl? Honestly, what would be your choice?


So, in terms of Social Media, do you get in there and look for the jokes, the gossip, or the endless arguments between your tribe, instead of a link to a novel review, or news on the latest reports on global warming, or joining a good cause group? Honestly, how much time you spend on such sites?

Do you follow and favourite someone simply because they are your friends? Or as a courtesy because they follow and favourite you? Do those people provide you with something of value? Anything?


At the end of your daily Social Media journey, what did you get in return for your time?

Time is money. Spend it wisely.

About Héctor M. Curiel

Hector M Curiel Writer
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