Longing for some easy and relaxing time, wishing to get away from the daily routine, hoping to escape from the city and all its frustrating issues…

And we find ourselves wishing we were at the beach, or in the woods, or visiting a different country, or at least alone with just someone else in a café for a friendly chat…

See, the main burden is not work or the daily routine. Our bodies can sustain that kind of effort for the length of our lives, that is, only if it was just physical exertion, and not mental.

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with thousands and all kind of messages that do nothing good, except confuse and drain our minds. Such messages are not just the commercials and advertising we see and hear in all kind of media, but also the ones our own acquaintances deliver to us, sometimes inadvertently.

The neighbour that insists buying a house in such and such places is better, listing all kind of reasons, as if she was a realtor and had years of experience in the field. The friend that says which brand of liqueur is the best, simply because he has not found anything better for his likes, as if he was a world renowned connoisseur. The cousin that invites, pushes, us to join her new congregation because she has seen the light, as if she was a theologian, able to compare and select the best doctrines for us to follow. The co-worker that swears his political party affiliation, and our joining and support is the only way out of the country mess…

Mere simple examples of the type of psychological garbage we face on a daily basis.

It is not that escaping to a friendly chat at a café will make all those people disappear or shut up. It’s only that in such a place, the level of mental noise is drastically reduced, and we only see a dozen different brands on the products themselves in there, as well as nobody else insisting on their likes, findings, new endeavours, etc.

At the beach, the sea waves crashing muffle any human produced noise. The fact that we see water and sky and nothing else, losing and merging themselves in the horizon, clears our mind of the myriad messages we’ve been fed up with.

The forest also provides such relaxation not only because we are lost in the woods: seeing, touching, smelling, and listening to nature colours, textures, scents, and sounds.

It is not, then, that such oases are the best places to be at per se, it’s also and mainly that we get away from the everyday mental clatter.

Although the best intellectual rest is produced in those places, we don’t need to get away to any of such spaces in order to clear our mind and recharge. Sometimes, we can mimic such environments even at home. Maybe not to the degree of really perceiving the forest around us, but with a little bit of effort we can get in the zone: switch off all lights at night while listening to a series of melodies that don’t carry any subliminal messages. Reading a beautiful book in the wee hours, before everybody else wakes up. Having a cup of tea while doing absolutely nothing else, but enjoying the scent and flavours of such beverage… sometimes we only need to focus on getting away from all that, and we can achieve it without gimmicks or clutches.

The objective is to turn off any sights or sounds that carry advertising, from electronic devices to billboards to printed paper. And above all and mainly, to stop listening to all those people wanting us to follow their advice, recommendation, and guidance on real state, alcoholic beverages, fanatic dogmas, partisan affiliations, etc. etc. etc.

We have grown enough to decide for ourselves where we want to live and compare against, what we want to drink and develop a like for, the creeds we follow, if any, and the groups we join if we so deem necessary.

The bonus: once we realize we don’t need to follow anybody else’s lead, we also realize we’ve fooled ourselves in many fronts, and then act and react accordingly.

May the start of a new day find you tough enough to liberate your mind from such debris, and let your entire self be free.

Totally and undeniably free.

Find your oasis.

About Héctor M. Curiel

Hector M Curiel Writer
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