Social Media is Destroying Society

Yes it is.

I know, I know, Social Media is a very useful tool when used wisely. But, aside from advertisers, who uses it wisely?

We all know how good these technology feats are, in terms of allowing us to keep in touch with friends and family. How easy and quick it is to communicate and share ideas, thoughts, images and all. How reliable and multi-device some of these tools have become, allowing us to leave a conversation in one place and then continue in another.

Despite all these advantages, I’ll summarize only a few of my pain points. I’m sure a lot of you’d concur on most.


I will start with birthdays. You like it when on yours someone sends you a HB message or similar, a nice image, or even a gift thru FB. Right?

I don’t.

See, I am very good at remembering birthdays, not all of them of course, but at least the ones belonging to people I care about. Now, anybody ‘knows’ it is our birthday when they sign in, if we decided to let everyone know it when we signed up. Which leaves me wondering what the use is of having such a good memory, and how the recipient will ever distinguish between my most sincere wishes, and the ones from the rest.


Bad writing. I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on this one. We all see it, even the ones of us that do not know how to read very well.

Let alone the bad grammar, punctuation, and syntax, I cringe every time someone writes something that I have to read more than once, in order to understand what they are trying to say, or wonder if it is a question or not. And also the extra exclamation points, as if everything from them needed an extra couple characters, or the all uppercase screaming types. THE HOLE TING JUST DRYVES ME NUTS! !!

It becomes even worse when some of such people find the way to make their sentences into written images, it becomes a monster of a series of mistakes that makes me wonder how the heck my friends made friends with such people. All of that becomes visual contamination, similar to graffiti on the city walls.

The bad writing not only produces such garbage, but also prevents the creative types from being more expressive. A nice thought that could have been crafted to perfection by changing a few letters, becomes a bad idea, because it would appear as a mistake similar to the posts and comments from the rest. This particular issue hurts me greatly.


Texting or posting while within a few steps from each other.

Why not have a nice conversation instead? How come our teenagers find it ‘normal’ to communicate to each other via a phone or tablet, across the table? How did it become to this? What are we doing?

Sometimes, we are so immersed in the screen that the real world around us passes us by and we don’t even notice.


I could go on and on with a few other examples such as breakfast or airplane window photographs, the big announcements about having just woken up or going to sleep after long days, links to pages that they find funny or interesting or important, the plagiarism of short sentences we’ve already seen before, the lack of originality or authenticity of certain posts; and a long series of etceteras that I do not even want to go there.

If all those factors don’t announce the forthcoming decay of society as we know it, I must be gravely faulty.


However, it is not my intention to create a multi-page article that would only make it daunting to read in one sitting. Besides, if you are one of those that doesn’t write sufficiently well, it is highly probable that you don’t read well either, and went through these few paragraphs struggling to understand everything I wrote, and also did it simply trying to find something funny that does not exist.

I hope –and wish- that is not the case. 😉

Oh! Sorry, have to go. My pal Sam is texting me from two cubicles away.

-Whassup S.? R we goin 4 diner tOnight!!!


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2 Responses to Social Media is Destroying Society

  1. Me says:

    no it wasnt funny .. having a teen girl .. makes it even more unfunny .. if I dont text her on my own house she would starve and never find out the zombie apocalypse is happening as we speak

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