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Being last year one of the most bizarre in my life, and one that ended incredibly busy, I didn’t have the time or inclination to think about the new resolutions for the New Year.

However, during the semi-relaxing days between Christmas and New Year, somebody asked me if I had my resolutions aligned.

At that precise moment I realized I had only one: to read more.

See, I cringe when I read some specific posts on Tweeter or Facebook; mainly those that you have to read more than once to understand what the other person is trying to say. It makes me wonder how it is possible that some adult people still don’t know how to write a simple sentence; or at least have the inclination to learn the proper way and differences between two similar words.

I dare to say that those people don’t know how to write simply because they don’t know how to read either.

While I’m not inferring that I am a good writer, what I do know is that I could write better. In order to achieve that and be better and better I need to read more.

I am making not only a resolution, but mainly a commitment from this day on to read more. It helps to list a few of the benefits of reading:

1. Enhanced Smarts

2. Reduces stress

3. Greater tranquility

4. Improved analytical thinking

5. Increased vocabulary

6. Improved memory

And many more…

(See: and

There is a reason why the best movies are based on novels, and even so we all know that the book is always better than the movie. This of course is discussion material for a different post, but what I want to convey here is that the origin of the best things in life come from the basics of reading.

I want to invite you to help me read, it is easy and cheap, and there are many ways to put your eyes on a good book: the ones gathering dust in the storage closet, the ones you can borrow from the public library, the ones that are free on the Web; and the ones that friends and family can offer you in exchange for one of yours. Of course, if you can afford to buy books, please do often. Writers need to make a living too, and we need them to continue to nourish us.

What’s not to like and achieve in terms of a better life?

So, here is my challenge and invitation for you:

Would you please help me to read more?


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