Around Thanks-Giving

-Are you still awake?

-Yes, I was waiting for you. You know that.

-But it’s late; you should have gone to sleep by now.

-I couldn’t. I was waiting for you to come read me a story.

-I was busy. I kind of knew you would be waiting, but didn’t know for sure. Have you gone to pee yet?

-I did. Come on; just tell me what you did all day if you don’t feel like reading something for me.

-This grandpa-grandson relationship is a weird one, you know?

-Yes. But nobody knew dad was going to have that accident, right? How long until he’s released from the hospital now?

-I think two more weeks. Don’t worry; we’ll do fine in the meantime.

-I know. You are taking very good care of me. Every day.

-Do you miss him?

-Well, I guess I miss him but no more than you do.

-How come?

-I think you would prefer he taking care of me instead of you doing it.

-Why? I don’t… um, would you prefer that?

-Nope. You are very good at looking after people. Actually I prefer you come to see me in bed more than he doing it.

-You are kidding me. Right?

-I love when you read to me. And I really like the way you tell me what you did during the day.

-Well… let’s see, I woke up earlier than usual but was not hungry, so I came out to help grandma with the flowerpots and all that. She’s afraid of spiders; you probably know that, so I got rid of the webs and cleaned the rusty pots. Then I… oh yes, separated the red stones from the gravel and we rearranged the path to the back fence… by then I felt hungry and went inside to eat some cereal… Am… Are you sure you want to hear everything?

-I do.

-I think you only want to hear me talk to get bored and then fall asleep.

-Nonsense! I like listening to everything you do. I fall asleep happy, in case you haven’t noticed.

-Well, just that it’s really late and I’m terribly tired. It’s time for you to go to sleep, so I’ll turn off the light now, alright? I promise to tell you more some other day when it’s earlier and I’m not that tired.



-Leave me, it’s alright. I mainly wanted to see you before I closed my eyes. Just know that I don’t get bored, it’s the opposite: when you tell me about what you did during the day my mind travels to places long lost in memory.

-What? What do you mean?

-Well, like the other day when you told me what you did at school, I remembered so many things buried in my mind for more than 60 years. I love it when you come to my bedroom to tell me every single detail.

-Really? I’m glad to hear that grandpa!

-Thanks, my son. Good night.

-Good night. I love you.

-I know and I’m thankful. I love you too.


About Héctor M. Curiel

Hector M Curiel Writer
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