Dreams and Goals

As of late, I have chosen to talk to people older than yours truly. The experience is most of the times gratifying.

However, I have spoken to some people that have just retired, are close to retirement, or are looking forward to do just that in less than a few years. With as much tact as possible, I ask them what their plans are now; what they are doing with all that free time, whether they have achieved some dreams and how many goals are left to be checked off.

I don’t really know how to express what I have felt by most of their responses. Only a few have a clear idea of what they are doing and where they are going, but vast majority seems to be lost.

Sometimes they react to the question with a long pause, as if surprised by something similar to this: being in front of the train at the station, waving to someone onboard, hearing the last call to board, seeing it start moving, waving to it as it gains speed, and then when the long train is far away and diminished in size by the horizon; suddenly realizing they should have taken that one.

Incredibly, some people respond saying that their goal is to finish paying their mortgage. They allocated and allocate all their resources to do just that. When they finally achieve such “goal”, they realize they are old already. They left life pass by, not a single personal dream of yore has been achieved, and it is now too late to try.

Some tell me they will travel around the world… now that they are already around sixty, some way beyond that age. I ask myself: “travel or being taken?” but obviously don’t say it. What I mean is, with all due respect, what can you possibly do in terms of mobility when you are that old? Pay a company to take you to places, feed you, show you what has been already conveniently prearranged by economic interest and give you some kind of memento so that you can show it off to friends?

Ouch! Is that a life? Paying the mortgage? As if we will pass away adorned with a house, or an expensive car, or the latest and greatest screen a human can put their eyes on.

I say: start living now, before is too late.

Dreams are goals.


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