Are you a Monday?

We have many times read and heard people refer to Mondays as the worst day of the week. Nobody refers that way to the first hour of the day, or the first month of the year. Seems like Monday is a favourite target regardless.

It might be simply because some attitudes or ways of life consider such day as one that takes us back to what life really is, every seven days.

It certainly might be just my perception, but I have noticed that generally, the people that complain and despise Mondays are the ones that criticize, condemn and complain everything else, and mainly other people.

There is a reason for that: the most successful people around us will also be the most targeted and attacked by smaller minds and even mid-of-the-pack thinkers.

Monday is the number one day. It is the origin of every week; it leads the pack and allows for the other days to exist, after Monday. No other day will ever be as honest as a Monday. It will always bring you back to earth, moderate you, make you see your reality, your limitations and best of all; your potential. Monday is therefore the most important day of all. It is simply, the best day of all.

Be a Monday.

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1 Response to Are you a Monday?

  1. I am a “Monday” to the max! Thanks for posting. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

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