Broken Writing

As of late I find myself writing for only a few minutes at a time. Between work meetings, waiting for kids to be picked up, while running processes that require you to just sit there waiting for a few minutes…

Being stuck in stalled traffic helps too: I take notes on either my smartphone or a notepad. While running in the park, I make mental notes to be written down as soon as I’m back to either the car or home.

However, this way of paused writing has turned to be an interesting process. Sometimes I get better ideas when I come back to something I started a few days ago, or that I left unfinished since who knows when; and the result is more likeable. Some other times, however, I realize my original thought has been forgotten or it has lost its lustre and I have to discard whatever I have.

Time has not been very kind to me: although I have made some progress on current projects, suddenly the International Writers Conference, the Book Fair and a few other events are opening registration, and I don’t feel as if I have something concrete to present or at least talk about.

I suppose that’s the real scenario for those of us that intend to preserve ideas using the written word; some journeys will be more challenging than others. There must be a very good lesson to be learnt in this.

Gotta go. Time’s up.


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