Writing, writing and writing some more

Well, seems like the word-linking, sentence-sequencing, and paragraph-creation of yore has been slowed down almost to a halt. It is not so.

As you know, the jobs that maintain our key activities need to be taken care of. Also, sometimes the typing happens in a different plane and therefore the Blogs and articles on Social Media do not seem to be outpouring the production volume of only a few weeks ago.

The main reason is that sometimes it is necessary to stop to smell the roses, make a pit stop, have a water or coffee break; then you can resume the race.

In my case, the Blogging is still there, maybe in only one language per article and maybe not as constant as before; but my writing time has shifted a little to continue working on my second book. This one is starting to take priority above other types of writing, simply because time is a limiting factor and also because once the book structure starts to take shape it is difficult to abandon it.

Please understand the articles won’t be posted with as much frequency as before.

Keep on readin’ in the free world.


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