Assuming should not exist

And yet, there it is. I see it everywhere, not only on the Social Media sites but also in advertisement on paper, radio and TV; and even on regular conversations. Why do we assume that everybody thinks, feels, and believes the way we do?

We tend to think that each of us is “normal” and the rest of the people that are not close to our behaviours, culture, education and lifestyle are, well, abnormal. We assume we are the standard and everyone and everything else is strange.

We need to realize that not everybody else has or practices our sexual preferences, political views, sports fanaticism, and religion dogmas. Some people simply don’t have any of these, while some others practice more than one.


So, please open your eyes and your heart. Most importantly, open your mind.

The next time we want to refer to someone whose lifestyle is different and who follows something we don’t understand, let’s simply respect their point of view and move on.

Let’s not refer to our practices and preferences as if it is the way it should be, don’t mention our religious leaders (dead or alive) as if everybody else practices our doctrines, and do not highlight our political or sports teams’ preferences either. Not for the public: we can take our friends and close acquaintances that share a similar emotion and talk to them in a private or intimate way.


That would give us all an arena of neutrality that won’t make anybody feel awkward or offended, while creating an environment of “politically correctness” –pun intended-.


Please, let’s not assume.



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