Immediacy and permanency

By now it must be clear for most of us that everything we’ve ever done using virtual Social Networks is there to stay. The fact that instantaneous messages are exchanged at such speeds, coming from every corner of the world makes even big companies shake with fear, some corporations are already dead; and the survivors are quickly changing their ways of production and technological methods in order to stay. If big businesses can’t make anything but adapt, what can we simple beings do?



Know that when using virtual Social Media everything stays: every word, every picture, every new group and circle creation, the uploaded videos, and absolutely everything that has been posted are there to stay forever. We can’t change that, but we can change the way we do things so that we never regret it.

Know also that messages, pictures, news, and everything else are there at the very second they are posted. These can be shared quickly and the rest of the world can see them within minutes. We all have heard or read about the viral tweets, pictures and videos that get millions of views in less than a day.


So, please know.

Before you post something that may affect somebody else or yourself: be informed and warned about the permanency and immediacy of such actions. It takes only a few keystrokes and clicks to do it, but a lifetime to accept the fact that it is done.

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