Say, What?

So, we are talking to some friends about regular topics when Franc interrupts yelling “Look! I found 10 cents!”

Very likely some of us will simply dismiss the comment; some others might be waiting for the continuation of Franc’s joke, noticing in a few seconds that there is no joke.

Then, some other day in a similar scenario it is Lira who comes crashing: “Look! I found ten dollars!”

Here, some will react and perhaps ask where and how she found the money; some will ask her to buy something for them too, and so on. This incident very probably would not only interrupt the current topic, but also start a new one.

Then, at a different time it is you who comes jumping and screaming: “Look! I found one hundred dollars!”

See the reaction around, this is really something isn’t it? This would definitely kill whichever current topic is discussed, creating a new instant topic that might linger among us for a long time.

What kind of posts do we do? Do we brag about our ten cents? Are we the types that says “good morning” or “I’m having lunch…” or “I’m tired” simply because we are in front of the screen and have nothing better to say?

Could it simply be our Fear of Isolation and Willingness to Speak Out as Gi Woong Yun and Sung-Yeon Park suggest? (Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Volume 16, Issue 2, pages 201–227, January 2011,

Are our posts really important or interesting or exciting or at least funny? Do they convey a positive message? Do those make us think and react? Commit to something?

I hope yours do. Above all, I strive to make mine do too.


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