Let’s criticize each other

I received a nasty comment about something I posted some time ago. Which is fine with me: I don’t mind the way in which such feedback is presented, and simply take the substance from the content and reshape it to an appropriate form that I think is the intended idea behind message.

I have done it too; when younger I’ve criticized others’ words or actions countless times. Obviously, in very specific times I had regret it later and haven’t felt good about doing it, even less if I had no real reason to do it, or simply snapped without analyzing it. Here I simply recognize emotions overtake us sometimes, and that it happens to all of us.

A few months ago there was a huge peak of activity in the Blogosphere, Facebooksphere and Tweetosphere about a presidential candidate demonstrating his real education and lack of literary culture. It is obviously not a good thing that such personality shows such ‘virtues’, yet somehow I understand the constant and revolting comments about that. But what really struck me was that some of the people I know were criticizing him too, as if they were better in those regards; or perhaps as a means to feel that they were not the only uneducated people, and the fact that a presidential candidate was like them were a good reason to shout it to the mountains and say “Hey, I’m not alone, here’s proof!”

It was also a little bit cumbersome to see the constant threads of comments back and forth between only two or three acquaintances arguing about that or something like that, but having everybody else know about their opinions and what they thought and wanted to say. Perhaps they were simply venting out, but yet it was somehow uncomfortable for the rest of us.

I’ve seen disgusting expressions from one person to another in a public display.

Look, we do not want to be involved in that. If you want to chat to someone about something specific, please take her/him aside and talk. In our network, we would like to see good, positive, nice, fun and constructive comments. That’s the reason we joined these media, right?

So, yes, let’s criticize each other. Let’s do that and even provide some ideas so that we better ourselves more and more, and in so doing, let’s create a better network for all of us to enjoy.

Let’s construct each other.


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